IT Consultation / Maintenance

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ApolloCode offers general IT consultation for whichever solutions or digital ideas that you may want to explore.

ApolloCode will be your support for digital products you might have incorporated with your business and give you a peace of mind while you conduct day to day activities.


General IT Consultations

Consultations with ApolloCode can be done with any ideas you're exploring and we will give you the best way to go about them.

Contingency Planning

ApolloCode will look at your current digital implementations and set policies, plans and technical measures that will aid with recovery of said digital solutions after a unfortunate incident.

Ad-Hoc Crisis Mangement

If you are experiencing a IT related crisis and need help with a single event based crisis mangement, ApolloCode will be happy to help.

General IT Support

In a fast moving field such as IT, business owners might be overwhlemed with the software related to digital solution that they are using. ApolloCode can step in and simplify that process!

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